Mancala 2000 for Mac

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A simple yet entertaining Mac OS X board game in which you must use your strategical thinking to collect all the gems placed on the table.





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Mancala 2000 is based on the ancient game Bao (known later as Mancala), first played in East Africa. Mancala is played by many tribes throughout Africa, most of whom play their own slightly different variation and have their own special name for it such as: Wari, Warri, Ware, Walle, Awari, Aware, Awaoley, Awele, Oware, Owari, or Wouri.

The objective of the game is to collect the most gemstones by the end of the game.
Last updated on March 12th, 2014
Mancala 2000 - In the Mancala 2000 main window you can view the game board and make your moves.Mancala 2000 - From the Mancala 2000 Game menu you can easily start up a network game and more.Mancala 2000Mancala 2000 - From the Mancala 2000 Themes menu you can easily change the game board theme.

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