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An interesting real-time strategy game in which you have to learn how to control your heroes in order to successfully complete your missions

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Majesty 2 is an engaging and absorbing strategy game that enables you to build and defend the fantasy city of your dreams using loyal yet loathsome heroes.

In Majesty 2, your heroes decide on their own what should be done and when and, as a result, you have to learn how to control them using monetary incentives. Being the ruler of the kingdom Ardania, you need to take control over your stubborn subordinates that have their own thoughts about how the kingdom should ruled.

In other words, Majesty 2 is a real-time strategy game that offers you indirect control over your heroes, who have a will of their own. As you build the city of your dreams you will be able to explore and experience a captivating world full of creatures and monsters that are ready to attack your domain.

The campaign game mode comes with sixteen challenging missions that spread across four chapters. You can also engage in a number of quick missions and prove your leaders skills on a variety of multiplayer maps. You can play Majesty 2 with four of your friends over LAN, thanks to the multiplayer game mode.

Throughout the game you will have to defend your kingdom using noble warriors, wild barbarians or spell-wielding wizards. You can choose between more than 10 different classes to ensure the protection of your territories.

The in-game display helps you view your and your units location on the map, the amount of available gold and the stats of the currently selected hero. Additionally, you can view a list with all available heroes in the top right corner of the screen.

Majesty 2 comes with intuitive game controls, immersive graphics and an addictive gameplay that keeps you playing until you conquer and dominate your enemies.

To conclude, Majesty 2 is a fun and diverting strategy game that can keep you engaged for hours as you try to defend your land or conquer your friends’ territories.

Majesty 2 was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on January 28th, 2014
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