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Enables you to launch and manage Minecraft mods, access various tutorials or Wiki related info, as well as view the latest Minecraft news on Reddit and Twitter

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If you are not a Minecraft purist, then you surely understand the benefits of cool new features and game modifications, only possible with help of the so called “mods”.

MagicLauncher is designed from the ground up to provide you with a straightforward and easy way to load mods dynamically within its interface, and not by manually changing and patching the “minecraft.jar”.

Take advantage of a large variety of useful features

In its large collection of capabilities, you can find features such as automatic version detection, automatic library download, error log, Java memory limit, Java custom parameters, and configurable window sizes.

In addition, MagicLauncher bundles useful capabilities like automatic mod compatibility checking, external mod detection, shortcut to external mods folder, and configurable external mods.

Furthermore, to make things even simpler, MagicLauncher also remembers your passwords and usernames and it also provides you with the possibility to use multiple configurable user profiles.

Access game tips and tutorials or keep yourself updated with the latest Minecraft headlines

Of course, for you to always be up to date with the latest news regarding Minecraft, MagicLauncher also display the latest news on Reddit, the world of Notch, the curse network, Twitter, Blogspot, as well as Minecraft related information on Wikipedia so you don’t have to open a web browser in order to do that.

Furthermore, within the Minecraft Wiki tab, you can easily access game tips, tutorials, see the game’s version history, as well as search for other explicatory and useful info.

Useful features and Minecraft related information you need at the tips of your fingers

Taking all things into consideration, MagicLauncher is, simply put, a very handy application for any Minecraft player that wants to load mods in the simplest possible manner, as well as to stay up to date with the latest Minecraft headlines.

MagicLauncher was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on February 11th, 2015
MagicLauncher - In the Minecraft Wiki tab, you can view tutorials, access gameplay info, version history, as well as other Minecraft Wikipedia infoMagicLauncher - You can easily load and manage your favorite Minecraft mods within its user-friendly and Minecraft look-a-like user interfaceMagicLauncher - From the Options menu, you can easily change all important behavior for this Minecraft launcherMagicLauncher - screenshot #4MagicLauncher - screenshot #5MagicLauncher - screenshot #6MagicLauncher - screenshot #7MagicLauncher - screenshot #8MagicLauncher - screenshot #9MagicLauncher - screenshot #10MagicLauncher - screenshot #11MagicLauncher - screenshot #12

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