Magic Assistant

Free and open source card manager for the Magic: the Gathering game
Magic Assistant is a handy tool that helps Magic: the Gathering players to search and organize their cards.

The tool supports card organization, card filtering and browsing and comes with a deck builder.

NOTE: Magic Assistant is licensed and distributed under the terms of the Eclipse Public License.

Main features:

  • MTG cards browser
  • sorting (column header, context menu)
  • filtering: set, colour, type, super type, text, name, subtype, power/toughness, converted mana cost. Text filter supports search with "and" and "not" expression, as well as regular expressions.
  • customization: hide/show columns, drag and drop columns (change order)
  • search (options: ignore case, whole word, back, forward, camel case, search as you type)
  • copy card description to clipboard (right click - copy)
  • add cards to deck or collection (drag & drop, or right click menu, or customizable keyboard shortcuts)
  • Card Details viewer
  • show card image (require internet connection, supports proxy, supports image caching)
  • duplicates card text from image as text, support copy to clipboard
  • Library/Decks View
  • Add new Deck from Card Navigator view (context menu)
  • Add cards to Library (context menu, drag and drop, INSERT key shortcut)
  • Add cards to Deck (context menu, drag and drop)
  • Remove card (context menu, DELETE key shortcut)
  • Change card count (cell editor, + keyboard shortcut)
  • Sorting, filtering, search and customization features as in card browser view
  • Grouping (by Casting Mana color, by Converted Casting Cost, by Type, Flat)
  • Mana Curve (switch using bottom tabs in the view)
  • Deck Description (Info tab)
  • Emulate Draw (from view menu) opens another view to show first and following hands with this deck
  • Type Stats Charts and Table (bottom tab)
  • User editable fields: Comment, Price, Ownership, Count
  • Cards Navigator
  • Generate "Booster Pack" (File->New->Booster Pack (as a Deck))
  • Add new Deck, Collection, Folder
  • Export/Import
  • Delete/Rename decks

last updated on:
September 20th, 2014, 8:23 GMT
file size:
48.7 MB
developed by:
Alena Laskavaia
license type:
operating system(s):
Mac OS X
binary format:
Intel only
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8 Screenshots
Magic Assistant - This is how the program can be used.Magic Assistant - This is how you can create a card collection.Magic Assistant - Spells can be seen here.Magic Assistant - Card types are available in this panel.Magic Assistant - Card types.Magic Assistant - You can insert info here.Magic Assistant - A basic filter can be setup here.Magic Assistant - Filters can be set here.
What's New in version
  • should be able to sort now by Progress column in Collector view
  • fixed refresh issues when changing price provider
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