Mafia II Director's Cut 1.0.0

An enthralling action game where you can explore the criminal underworld of 1940s and 50s from the perspective of a former soldier

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Feral Interactive
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Mafia II Director's CutMafia II Director's CutMafia II Director's CutMafia II Director's CutMafia II Director's Cut
GTA III, the first modern action-adventure game with an open world environment was followed by lots of games that used a similar formula, but taken to other timelines or locations.

Mafia II Director's Cut is no different, since it projects you in a tumultuous time, full of criminals and other dangers. In this game you play the role of Vito Scarletta, a former soldier, currently a gangster with ambition and lots of character.

The game's action takes place in the fictional city of Empire Bay, which is designed as a recreation of New York in the 1940s. Mafia II Director's Cut brings you a large area, full of buildings, cars, roads and people carrying over their day to day tasks. This virtual city seems to be very real at times, a feeling that will further immerse you into the game.

The gameplay is very action packed, and it mainly requires you to engage in hand to hand combat, drive a large number of cars or enter stealth missions, where precision is key.

The game's interface is minimalist, displaying you the current weapon and the number of bullets you currently have. It also shows you the minimap, which makes it easier for you to pinpoint mission-critical objectives. Of course, while driving, you can view the speed-o-meter, which displays your current speed.

Mafia II Director's Cut brings you the full Mafia II experience, since it contains all the DLCs that were published by 2K Games. The game is visually stunning, with beautifully rendered locations that make it just a breeze to look at.

In conclusion, Mafia II Director's Cut is one of the best action-adventure games you can play on a Mac. The game brings you a vibrant, living world, an original soundtrack and a huge number of missions.

Mafia II Director's Cut was reviewed by , last updated on December 12th, 2013

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later (Intel only)

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