McSolitaire for Mac3.0

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Enables you to have fun solving puzzles in a classic styled solitaire card game from the comfort of your own Mac desktop computer.

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McSolitaire is an entertaining card game that offers you the possibility to solve classic solitaire puzzles and will also keep the overall game score: this way you can view your success rate (the score can be reseted though).

Solitaire game with adjustable animation speed

Moreover, the McSolitaire game allows you to play the original solitaire game but, via the Preferences window, you can choose to flip 1, 2 or 3 cards. In addition, you can choose to receive a warning when there are no more moves left.

Other options include the possibility to adjust the animation speed, toggling the sound effects and being able to replay a game already won.

Makes it possible to choose solvable puzzles

McSolitaire is able to save games between sessions: you can easily start where you left off.  The game also comes with a “Game Over?” button: you can check if there are other moves possible. However, McSolitaire does not offer hints.

As an added benefit, McSolitaire allows you to start a new puzzle at any time, but press the “Solvable” button if you want to be sure that you can finish it.

In case you want to start over, simply press the “Restart” button and you can try solving the game with another strategy.

Entertaining solitaire game with a highly customizable interface

Furthermore, via the Appearance window, you can easily customize the game’s interface: there are 10 themes that will change the cards design, the deck’s back image and the table background (Wild West, Titanium, Vintage, Pirates, Glamour, Casino, Classic, Vintage Lite, Titanium Lite and Glamour Lite). You may also choose to use your own image for the deck’s back.

Bottom line, McSolitaire offers you the possibility to enjoy yourself by solving classic solitaire puzzles in a beautiful as well as colorful interface.

McSolitaire was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on July 9th, 2015
McSolitaire - In the McSolitaire main window you can solve puzzles, start new ones, view your overall success rate and more.McSolitaire - In the McSolitaire Appearance window you can change the deck design, the background image and more.McSolitaire - screenshot #3McSolitaire - screenshot #4McSolitaire - screenshot #5McSolitaire - In the McSolitaire Preferences window you can choose how many cards should be flipped and more.McSolitaire - screenshot #7

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