Mac Game Store 3.2.2 Build 5053

Provides you with quick access to all the OS X games titles that are available through the Mac Game Store website, and makes it simple to download and buy them with a simple mouse click

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What's new in Mac Game Store 3.2.1 Build 5051:

  • Fixed issue with the main window growing taller with each launch of the app.
  • Games that come with a special Installer program can now sometimes be found quicker after the install has completed.
  • The built-in installer system is now a bit smarter about finding the correct game app in instances where the downloaded file contains multiple apps.
  • The "Add Your Own" system is now a bit smarter about checking to make sure the game being added isn't already in My Games.
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7 Mac Game Store Screenshots:
Mac Game Store - The main window where you can easily browse for new games titles and more.Mac Game Store - Your games collection where you can see your current purchases, demos or downloads.Mac Game StoreMac Game Store - The News panels allows you to view the latest news and sort the articles by different criteria.Mac Game StoreMac Game StoreMac Game Store - The Settings panel where you can set the default sidebar category, the download location and more.
To streamline the games installation procedure, the website provides a desktop client designed to deal with the entire process.

The Mac Game Store utility also allows you to login to your account in order to have quick access to your games collection.

Easy to install game manager developed for the website

The Mac Game Store app automatically detects its current location and is able to copy itself to the Applications directory in order to provide the best user experience. Upon launch, you can easily login to your store account, or you can simply browse the games categories.

Finding your way around the application is very easy thanks to its stylish yet organized design: the left panel displays a list of the store categories, the game titles included in your collection, community news, and so on. At the same time, the right side of the window shows the content of each category.

Quickly browse the store from your desktop and sort the entries by different criteria

The Mac Game Store application offers you the possibility to filter the games included in the collection by name, price, rating, popularity, release date, and so on. Moreover, you can choose to see only the entries that provide a demo version.

Once you have found a title that interests you, via the Mac Game Store app you can easily install its demo (if available), or directly buy the game. Since the Mac Game Store client manages the game download, installation, and removal, all the procedures are very user friendly.

Stylish and efficient desktop client that enables you to manage your store account with minimal effort

The Mac Game Store application offers you the possibility to connect to your account in order to quickly install games included in your collection, or buy new ones. All in all, the Mac Game Store application provides efficient management tools and ensures a relaxed user experience.

Mac Game Store was reviewed by , last updated on March 18th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Intel only)

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