Mac Boy Advance for Mac1.7.6

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No-frills and user-friendly application that makes it simple to easily emulate and play GameBoy, GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance games on a Mac

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Game emulators have been around since legacy gaming platforms have not been on sale because of dwindling user base and new gadgets with much powerful hardware have been launched on the market.

This type of application can be used to emulate the hardware of old gaming consoles in order to play older games on today's most popular operating systems, on either desktop machines or portable devices like mobile phones and tablets.

Nintendo Game Boy, Color and Advance emulator with multi-platform support

Mac Boy Advance is one such utility and a fork of the very popular cross-platform VisualBoyAdvance, a Nintendo Game Boy, Color and Advance handheld gaming console emulator.

Mac Boy Advance inherits its list of supported formats and it can load GBA, SGB, and GBC zipped and gzipped ROMs thus, once downloaded, you can directly load them and start playing.

The Mac Boy Advance emulator also enables you to use cheats, if the loaded ROM supports this feature. Hence, in order to start using cheat codes, you have to enter them using the Options menu. Once you've entered your cheats, just click the OK button and load the game's room via the "Open ROM" option in the File menu.

Customizable keyboard shortcuts and inbuilt freeze feature for pausing games

Furthermore, Mac Boy Advance comes with an extensive list of pre-defined keyboard shortcuts that map the Nintendo console's controls. These can also be customized via the Options menu, when the emulator is not running any ROMs.

Additionally, to ease the way you're managing your gaming sessions and because most Nintendo games did not come with a built-in feature for saving games, Mac Boy Advance features a simple to use and always at hand Freeze / Pause option, available in the File menu, designed to allow you to effortlessly stop the emulated game in its tracks and restart from you were left the next time you load the ROM.

Powerful Game Boy emulator for the Mac

To sum it all up, gaming console emulators allow you to go back in time and play very old games on your modern hardware to relive your childhoods experiences.

In addition, the Mac Boy Advance app makes it very easy to play very old Nintendo Game Boy, Advance and Color games on your Mac, with very little effort on your part and taking advantage of an intuitive and feature packed user interface.

Mac Boy Advance was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on December 15th, 2014
Mac Boy Advance - In the Emulator tab you can choose to customize the frame skip value, use BIOS file and enable the pause in background function.Mac Boy Advance - screenshot #2Mac Boy Advance - screenshot #3Mac Boy Advance - VisualBoyAdvance is an application that allows you to play your old Gameboy Advance games.Mac Boy Advance - From the Options menu you can choose to freeze or defrost the game state.

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