Lost Civilization

Take the role of an adventurous women who's fiancé has been kidnapped after making and important discovery that can change the world

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Lost Civilization - In Lost Civilization you need to find various hidden objects and solve all sorts of puzzles.Lost CivilizationLost Civilization - You can use the Hint feature to solve a puzzle and find the next hidden object.Lost CivilizationLost CivilizationLost Civilization - Lost Civilization comes with three difficulty settings.Lost CivilizationLost Civilization
Lost Civilization is an intriguing and addictive hidden object puzzle game that takes you to different corners of the world as you try to help your heroine save her fiancé.

Your main objective in Lost Civilization is to find a wide variety of hidden objects and clues that can lead you to Suzanne’s fiancé location. As you pick up clues and reveal hidden objects you will discover more about the kidnappers and, eventually, the reason they kidnapped Michael, Suzanne’s fiancé.

In your desperate search for Michael, you find out that behind the entire adventure is an ancient machine, assumed to be of alien origin, that has also been the source of conflict that started the Second World War. The mysterious machine is assumed to have devastating powers that could destroy the entire human race.

Consequently, it is now your mission to explore over 120 highly detailed and animated scenes and travel to various locations in England, Europe and Central America. On top of that, you can interact with over 30 interesting characters that can help or hinder your search.

Moreover, Lost Civilization comes with numerous puzzles, a wide variety of mini-games and a hint system that can help you throughout the game. You can use all sorts of objects and items to solve moderately-challenging puzzles and move to the next step in your adventure.

Your in-game Diary can help you keep track of your discoveries and put pieces together in order to uncover earth-shattering secrets hidden in an abandoned mine. Lost Civilization comes with three difficulty levels that have a direct impact on your gaming experience and the refill time of the Hint button.

If you like captivating adventures, hidden object games and absorbing puzzles, then Lost Civilization is the perfect game for you.

Lost Civilization was reviewed by , last updated on February 11th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Intel only)

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