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An entertaining arcade game in which you must explore colorful worlds and defeat monsters in order to find the leprechaun's gold.

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Lep's World Plus is an entertaining adventure game that resembles the classic Mario game. You play the role of Lep the Leprechaun and your goal is to explore colorful worlds in order to find your gold treasure.

Lep's World Plus provides 5 different themes and all the worlds you get to explore are very beautiful and colorful. The game is featuring 28 levels and you need to defeat 9 dangerous enemies to go through all of them.

Still, you need to be careful when you meet smaller monsters too, because they can hurt you. For example, an angry bee can sting you will tortoises will hit you. To improve your character’s health you can collect clover leafs.

You can control your character by using the arrow keys while the Spacebar will make Lep jump. Jumping is important to get over obstacles, to fight enemies and for collecting coins.

To sum up, Lep's World Plus is a very fun game in which you get to explore beautiful worlds, collect coins and defeat monsters in order to get to your treasure.

Lep's World Plus was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on November 11th, 2013
Lep's World Plus - In the Lep's World Plus main window you get to view how many items you have collected, how many lives you have left and more.Lep's World Plus - In the Lep's World Plus main panel you can disable the sound effects or start a new game.

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