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A fun and enjoyable side-scrolling platform-adventure game that takes to the wonderful land of the plants which is threatened by the mean machines

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Travel to the Green Meadow and discover the beautiful and peaceful land full of life where the plants grow quickly and beautifully.

Explore the magical land of Green Meadow and help Leaf find his friend

Unfortunately, Green Meadow might be destroyed forever by the harmful robots who want to take over the land. At the same time, the plants of Meadow decided to create strong guardians that can protect and defend the homeland.

Leaf is one of the guardians that was born from the great Oak. Leaf, together with his companion, Flower became the reliable protectors of Green Meadow. However, the evil machines planned to attack the peaceful land in order to take control and exploit the Green Meadow until everything was destroyed.

Trick the mean machines, jump over obstacles and save your land

With Flower taken hostage and robots roaming the lands, it is now your mission to save Flower from the robots’ hands, save the land and banish the invaders.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of the intuitive game controls and learn how to guide Leaf through the puzzle of the game. Each new level brings a new quest that you must complete in order to unlock the next challenge.

Complete your tasks, avoid robots and deadly traps

Leaf Wind’s HUD helps you monitor your character’s life status, the number of collected golden balls, as well as the number of leafs. It is worth mentioning that each level is filled with numerous traps, pits and robots.

To your advantage is the environment that allows you to perform large jumps over traps and from one platform to another. Reaching certain checkpoints allows you to resume the game from that point in case your character dies.

Leaf Wind was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on April 17th, 2014
Leaf Wind - Your main purpose in Leaf Wind is to complete your missions as fast as you can.Leaf Wind - Throughout the game you have to avoid traps, enemies and explore the surroundings.Leaf Wind - screenshot #3Leaf Wind - screenshot #4Leaf Wind - screenshot #5Leaf Wind - The Options menu helps you adjust the sound volume and graphics quality.Leaf Wind - screenshot #7Leaf Wind - screenshot #8Leaf Wind - screenshot #9Leaf Wind - screenshot #10

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