KillCraft 2 for Mac

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3.0/5 2
A game with singleplayer and multiplayer components that requires you to survive/kill multiple waves of zombies in order to win.





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KillCraft 2 can be played with you friends and comes with a large number of zombies that you need to kill.

Zombies are getting different and stronger each wave, so you need to craft better weapons, build turrets or even traps if you want to stand a chance.

You can also buy skins or various items in order to customize and improve your character.
Last updated on July 15th, 2013
KillCraft 2 - From the main menu you can easily start a singleplayer or multiplayer game.KillCraft 2 - Your objective is to try and kill the required number of monsters in order to win.KillCraft 2 - The monsters are attacking for all areas so you must be vigilent and rotate quite a lot.KillCraft 2 - screenshot #4

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