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A fun, online 2D platform shooter for Mac and Windows





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Kill Fun Yeah is a 2D platform shooter that can be played online. Your objective is to find your way to the top using a huge arsenal of weapons.

You can also create your own maps using custom sprites and tile sets, or customize your player skin.

· Walk, crouch, jump, stomp and climb ladders/ceilings: WASD
· Pick up Stuff, capture F, Spawn: E
· Throw/Drop Item: Q
· Fire: Left Mouse Button
· Deflect: Right Mouse Button
· Attract: Shift + Right Mouse Button
· Toggle Build Mode: C
· Enable Build Mode: LCtrl
· Switch Between Tiles in Build Mode: X/Z
· Place Tile in Build Mode: Left Mouse Button
· Hit Tile in Build Mode: Left Mouse Button
· Chat: T
· Team Chat: Y
· Toggle Console: F1
· Toggle Player Names: F2
· Exit to Lobby: ESC
Last updated on November 29th, 2014
Kill Fun YeahKill Fun YeahKill Fun YeahKill Fun Yeah

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