Island Tribe 4 1.0

An enjoyable and simple to casual strategy adventure game where you must find the lost altar to restore the evil shaman's true persona

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Island Tribe 4Island Tribe 4Island Tribe 4Island Tribe 4Island Tribe 4Island Tribe 4Island Tribe 4Island Tribe 4Island Tribe 4Island Tribe 4
Island Tribe 4 is a beautiful indie strategy game that invites you to complete various tasks on a mysterious lush island. The game continues the story from the previous version of Island Tribe and offers new quests and locations.

Not long ago, the inhabitants of a stranded island befriended the evil shaman that was previously involved in the adventures of the past. Much to their surprise, they discovered that the shaman was in fact a pirate who was cursed by an evil shaman mask, which he found on a deserted altar. He desperately wants to get his old appearance back, so the touched inhabitants decided to make that their ultimate goal.

The only way to do so is finding the altar where he was cursed and undo the affliction once and for all. You start by discovering locations, restoring buildings, gathering food, reconditioning totems and travel the waters. Furthermore, you are also strangely transported back into time into such exotic regions as ancient China, Scandinavia and Egypt.

Island Tribe 4 features a single player campaign that include 3 major levels with 10 chapters each. Moreover, you will increase in level as you progress through the campaign and can choose between 4 game modes: hard, normal, easy and no time.

Thus, if you play in all but the ‘no time’ mode, a timer will track the time spent and the game will be stopped if you can not complete your mission in a given period of time. The objectives in the current mission are displayed on the upper right corner.

Like many real time strategy games, this one involves collecting resources to repair or build structures, sending workers to perform tasks and discovering undiscovered map areas. The resources and number of workers are neatly displayed in the game interface. What’s more, you can collect bonuses that are scattered on the map and added up to your overall score.

In a nutshell, Island Tribe 4 is a feature-rich and beautifully crafted game about solving mysteries, exploring lost islands and locations and commanding a small troop of workers. The game is designed for casual players and the price / value ratio is excellent.

Island Tribe 4 was reviewed by , last updated on February 7th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.7 or later (Intel only)

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