International Snooker HD for Mac1.1

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A beautiful snooker game that comes with high quality graphics, 3D effects and a relaxing soundtrack that will create and amazing experience.

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Snooker is a very interesting game mainly because there is a lot more strategical thinking involved than in classical pool. A good player knows that you must be able to continue a ball and make the most out of each situation.

Of course, you need a lot of practice to learn your way around the table and International Snooker HD offers you the possibility to play from the comfort of your Mac.

The game comes with beautiful, high quality graphics, relaxing sound effects (you can also play your own music) and 3D visuals in order to create a realistic but also enjoyable experience. You can play quick games on your own or with a friend, or you can play in tournament mode.

To play International Snooker HD, you must move the cue and hit the balls. You have the possibility to adjust the camera to get a better look at the current situation. Note that the ball will follow realistic physics rules.

The game provides path guide lines for the ball and for the cue. According to the difficulty level you select, these lines can be shorter or longer. At the same time, International Snooker HD provides all the game rules and specific instructions on how to play.

Last but not least, International Snooker HD will automatically save the game each time a ball is potted. As a result, you will not lose the current game due to different types of interruptions.

To sum up, International Snooker HD enables you to improve your snooker skills by learning the game rules and practicing on your Mac: since the balls are reacting according to realistic physics rules, you will see how to hit the ball in order to achieve a certain effect.

International Snooker HD was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on November 26th, 2013
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