International Snooker for Mac2012 1.5

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Engage in challenging snooker tournaments and prove your pool skills against various skilled opponents or compete against online players

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International Snooker is an absorbing and engaging billiard simulator that enables you to play the popular cue sport against experienced players from all over the world.

International Snooker comes with too game modes, a Career Mode and a Global Internet Multiplayer Mode and both will test your skills and abilities. The first game mode helps you build your career as a professional snooker player by playing 15 tournaments in over 14 different locations from around the world. Your main objective is to become the number one snooker player.

If you are looking for a challenge you can try the Global Internet Multiplayer mode and compete against skilled players from different corners of the world in order to earn your bragging rights for real. Try to collect all 16 trophies and place them into your trophy cabinet by wining all 7 major and 7 minor events, the 1 invitational event along with the desirable 147 trophy.

International Snooker features three unlockable Quick Play Pool modes as follows: US 9-Ball, US 8-Ball and UK 8-Ball. What is more, the player can top or back spin and swerve the cue ball and enjoy the high-quality simulation based on realistic physics. On top of that, players can enter the exclusive 147 club by earning a 147 maximum break.

In the Career Mode you can use your winnings to upgrade and improve your equipment to increase spin, power, swerve and player kudos. You can also use the frame by frame replays, the dynamic and slow-motion cameras along with the pocket cameras and “follow the ball” cam to view your shots from different angles.

International Snooker comes with intuitive game controls, immersive graphics featuring lens flares, shader effects and realistically rendered crowd and players. Furthermore, the player can view and check his or hers stats and track the in-game performance. As a result, you can view the number of shots taken, how many matches you won, your highest break and other useful info.

On the whole, International Snooker is a fun and enjoyable snooker game that enables you to prove or improve your billiard skills and compete against a wide variety of players from all over the world.

International Snooker was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on December 16th, 2013
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