Heroes of Newerth 3.4.3

A very popular and fun mix of role play and strategy games where two teams of up to five players each battle to win the map.
Each army has AI controlled units whose only purpose is to destroy enemy defenses and kill enemy units.

The user can learn experience and gold which can be spent in items and skills, making the hero more powerful.

Main features:

  • Matchmaking System - Get matched with similar players if you are playing yourself or with a team of friends.
  • Stat Tracking - Many statistics are tracked automatically by the game. Access an enourmous amount of valuable data online or in-game.
  • Diverse Heroes - Play with heroes new to HoN as well as many of the best heroes you are already familiar with.
  • Ladder Rankings - Player and clan ladders are automatically updated by the game. See where you rank against the competition.
  • Custom Map Editor - Create new maps, or even new games with the included map editor.
  • Game Reconnection - Games are no longer ruined when a player is disconnected! Players that are disconnected, can rejoin the game.
  • Leaver Protection - Create and play in restricted games that can not be joined by players with a history of leaving games early.
  • Client-Server Netcode - No lag for all players when one player has a connection issue!
  • Re-Bindable Hotkeys - Bind custom hotkeys for almost every command in the game, allowing you to maximize your effectiveness.
  • Built in VOIP - No need for an external voice chat program. Voice chat is incorporated into the HoN engine.

last updated on:
May 29th, 2014, 19:57 GMT
file size:
2.5 GB
developed by:
S2 Games
license type:
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
binary format:
Intel only
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10 Screenshots
Heroes of NewerthHeroes of NewerthHeroes of Newerth - Your objective in this game is to defeat the enemy players as fast as possible in order to win.Heroes of Newerth - You will try to kill multiple enemies in order to destroy the towers and conquer the enemy base.Heroes of Newerth - The game allows you to change the display options to low, medium, high, ultra and custom.Heroes of NewerthHeroes of NewerthHeroes of NewerthHeroes of NewerthHeroes of Newerth
What's New in This Release:
  • New Content:
  • Added new Drunken Master Alt Avatar: Rum Master (Bloodtide Brigade) - Release Date 5/21
  • Another mate on Baaracko's ship, Rum Master's addictive personality gave him little incentive to ever advance beyond swabbing the poop deck, content to bathe in the dark amber ambrosia that kept him in a perpetual stupor. When Captain Gorebeard took over the ship, he was not concerned with the changing tide, if he even knew it took place. As long as he gets to drink, fight, and plunder, nothing seems to matter, and the compass in his pocket points truer than the one for his morals.
  • Added new Magebane Alt Avatar: Syphon Magebane (The Shroud) - Release Date 5/21
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