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Prevent human race's extinction while playing the role of a Spartan II project super-solider leading the war against an alien race determined to wipe out all humans from the Galaxy

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Halo: Combat Evolved is a sci-fi shooter and the game that started the Halo franchise. The game was first launched on November 15, 2001 for Xbox, and later on, in 2003, for Mac.

Unfortunately, the binaries are compatible only with PowerPC Macs, and as a result, you will be able to play Halo only on OS X builds featuring the Rosetta dynamic binary translator that allows users to run PPC applications on their Macs.

The action takes place on a ancient and dangerous ring-world known under the name Halo. Your ultimate goal is to destroy the merciless Covenant war machines and try to uncover the mysteries of Halo in order to save the human race from extinction.

You will play the role of the Master Chef, a super-soldier that is always accompanied by Cortana, an artificial intelligence that lives in the Master Chief's neural interface. In order to successfully complete your mission you will have to battle numerous powerful aliens and explore the artificial world.

Halo comes with intuitive game controls that will allow you to jump, shoot aliens, launch grenades and hide behind walls as you try to survive. Throughout the game you are joined by various Spartan II super soldiers that will help you take down aliens.

As expected from a game launched in 2003 the graphics are a bit outdated. On the good side, you will not suffer any lags or frame drops during the game.

The artificial intelligence along with the wide range of weapons and vehicles available in Halo should keep you engaged right until the last mission.

Halo also gives you the possibility to play with your friend in various multiplayer game modes. You will be able to prove your gaming skills in game modes such as king of the hill, capture the flag and deathmatch.

All in all, Halo is still an engaging game thanks to the well developed AI, intuitive game controls and the number of weapons and vehicles available during the game.

Halo was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 25th, 2013
Halo - Here you can customize some preferences.Halo - The main menu of the game.Halo - Some options can be customized in this panel.Halo - Here you can choose teh game difficulty.Halo - Approaching the island.Halo - Attacking the hordes of aliens.Halo - screenshot #7Halo - Searching the cliffs.Halo - Controlling the vehicle.Halo - A vehicle battle.Halo - screenshot #11Halo - screenshot #12

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