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A Mac OS X first-person shooter that enables you to construct your own levels using an asset library and play them solo or co-op

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Gunscape is a free and cross-platform FPS construction application that enables you to build your own classic first-person shooter and play it by yourself or with friends. The app comes with a simple map editor and numerous assets that you can add into the map.

Play levels or craft them

When opening Gunscape for the first time, you can access two modes: crafting or shooting. In the first, you can build your own maps (solo or multiplayer) and in the second, you can play your own levels or community-made maps (online, offline or in action mode).

You are, thus, allowed to create classic shooter levels with the help of multiple friends. The level construction consists of placing blocks next or around each other and adding different elements, such as exits, objects, traps, teleporters and much more.

Choose from lots of avatars and items

In addition to this, you can create heavily pixelized characters and use powerful weapon, such as guns knifes, flamethrowers, bats, rocket launchers and others. What’s more, you can choose between multiple FPS themes when creating levels because Gunscape supports creating different FPS genres.

By the time the application will reach open Beta status, the following items will be available: over 4 multiplayer match modes, 20 enemies, 16 player avatars, 38 weapons and 8 themes.

A user-friendly FPS builder

To sum up, Gunscape shows real potential in being able to create personalized FPS games with classic look and feel. Even though it is in an early stage of development, you can begin creating maps and play them in multiple modes, solo or co-op.

Gunscape was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on February 27th, 2015
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