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Test your strategy and tactics in an engaging chess match, analyze your moves, view PGN databases and load UCI engines, with this fun game that offers many additional features

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Playing chess is one of the best ways to improve your logical thinking, as you have to plan your strategy many moves in advance and outsmart your opponent. Not to mention, it can be very fun.

GreenChess is a game that enables you to play against a UCI (Universal Chess Interface) engine or a human opponent, but only on the same machine, as it does not have an online multiplayer mode. In addition to other chess games, however, it allows you to load other UCI chess engines, view PGN (Portable Game Notation) databases and perform a detailed analysis of each match.

Play a fun game of chess against a human or AI opponent

This is, of course, the main reason you are downloading this app. If the only thing you are interested in is playing a simple game of chess, you need not be daunted by the application’s more advanced features.

Visually, GreenChess does not disappoint. You can select from several board and piece styles, as well as choose whether or not the info panel should be shown. It displays the timers and a full history of all the moves that have been made.

The game’s graphics are clean and should be pleasing for most, although some more visual style options for the chess pieces would have been a great addition.

Analyze your games and open PGN files to view other matches and improve your skills

Whenever you lose against a better opponent, it helps to be able to analyze their moves and determine what you have gotten wrong. GreenChess allows you to save your games and then replay them later, edit piece positions and even write down notes.

Moreover, it is possible to open and view PGN files that record all of the moves made in other games, should you wish to learn from the experts.

Load additional UCI chess engines or even pit two of them against each other

You can replace the engine bundled with GreenChess with another of your choice, although it is necessary to perform this operation every time you launch the app.

Should you wish to see how AI opponents compare against one another, you can also load two UCI engines at once, and then sit back and watch the show.

To conclude, if you want to play a game of chess against the AI or a human opponent, but are also looking for an app that allows you to view PGN files and manage UCI engines, you can try GreenChess.

GreenChess was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on September 28th, 2015
GreenChess - In GreenChess, you can play against the computer or a human player and view a history of all the moves that have been made.GreenChess - You can explore the current GreenChess game and analyze your moves, as well as take a screenshot of the board.GreenChess - GreenChess allows you to modify the position of the pieces, save a recording of the game and even write notes and draw observations.GreenChess - screenshot #4GreenChess - screenshot #5GreenChess - screenshot #6GreenChess - screenshot #7GreenChess - screenshot #8GreenChess - screenshot #9GreenChess - screenshot #10GreenChess - screenshot #11

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