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A engaging, entertaining and chilling horror game that takes you to a strange abandoned world filled with all sort of scary creatures

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Grave is a first person, open world survival horror game designed to test your survival skills as your explore an odd world populated by all sorts of creatures.

Use your survival and exploration skills to fight various creatures

Your main objective is to collect as many defensive tools as you can during the day and use them to survive the night, when numerous frightening creatures come out to “play”. The surrounding environment is constantly changing and new elements are added or removed from the landscape.

This interesting mix between an environmental exploration and combative horror is capable to generate constant tension as you try to explore as much as you can and survive the deadly creatures at the same time.

Collect as may tools and items as you can during the day

As expected, things are not always as they seem, you need to explore surreal, abandoned lands, ward off hideous creatures and learn the constantly changing world that morphs around you. Beside the new threats, Grave also offers you new locations to explore.

Since darkness brings terror, you have to use light to bring hope and stay alive. The entire landscape is scattered with all sorts of tools that can be used for protection. Flashlights, matches, gasoline fiers and generators might prove to be your best friends in the fight against the darkness.

Try different paths and discover new places

Survival is a big part of the gameplay and, as a result, you need to use the found tools and items accordingly. By trial and error you can find the best way to survive the night. Like the environment, the behavior of the creatures is also unpredictable, fact that makes the game even more terrifying.

Grave comes with different characters and stories that you can discover, each with their own set of challenges, traps and experiences. It is worth mentioning that the advanced AI creatures act as hunters and, consequently, you are the prey.

Grave was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 15th, 2014
Grave - Your main objective in Grave is to collect various items and survive the creatures of the night.Grave - The in-game HUD helps you keep track of the collected objects and monitor your health status.Grave - Various checkpoints automatically save your progress and help your resume the game from that point if your charter dies.Grave - screenshot #4Grave - screenshot #5Grave - screenshot #6Grave - screenshot #7

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