Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD 1.0.7

A fun and engaging space exploration and adventure game that will test your shooting and pilot skills to defeat all encountered enemies

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What's new in Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD 1.0.7:

  • 3 new ships: Add three spectacular new vessels to your fleet and set the galaxy ablaze with the powerful Dark Angel, the heavily armored NíTirrk and the shadowy Ghost. All three ships are available in-game and you do not have to unlock them via IAP!
  • Minor Bugfixes and Enhancements
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1.3 GB
5.0/5 2
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Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HDGalaxy On Fire 2 Full HDGalaxy On Fire 2 Full HDGalaxy On Fire 2 Full HDGalaxy On Fire 2 Full HD
Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD is a fast-paced space shooter and adventure game that places you in the role of Keith T. Maxwell, a mercenary and daredevil space adventurer that finds himself light-years away from home.

Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD can be easily bought, downloaded and installed via the Mac App Store in exchange for $9.99. The duration of the installation process depends on the speed of your Internet connection and requires at least 1.33 GB of your Mac’s hard disk.

The story behind Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD follows the adventure of Keith T. Maxwell, a space fleet veteran that is propelled through space by a malfunction of his spaceship’s hyperdrive. It is now your objective to help Maxwell explore the the unknown quadrant of the galaxy and find a way back home.

On to of that, you have to use the available weapons and complete a series of missions in order to defeat the Voids, an alien armada who’s main purpose is to enslave all other species.

Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD continues the story of the first installment of the game and takes Maxwell thirty-five years into the future. You will have to take advantage of the new powerful and destructive ships and weapons in order to successfully complete all your missions.

Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD is designed to use the rendering power of the new generation of Mac computers and, as a result, offers outstanding graphics and visuals, immersive gameplay, stunning special effects and a complex space world that includes over twenty solar systems and countless planets.

In addition, Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD enables you to customize the game controls and use gamepads or joysticks to fully enjoy the game.

In conclusion, Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD is an absorbing space exploration and shooting game that will take you through the depths of space and keep you engage for hours as you try to destroy the merciless Voids.

Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD was reviewed by , last updated on October 30th, 2013

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later (Intel only)

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