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An entertaining and challenging arcade game in which you have to climb buildings and jump out of the way of numerous obstacles and traps

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Freak Climber is an absorbing and engaging adventure game in which you have to help the hero catch up with the aliens and rescue the persons and thing you love the most.

Take down UFOs and fight aliens in an attempt to save what you love

Your girlfriend, along with your console, have been kidnapped by an evil alien that has entered through your window. It is now your mission to follow the mean creature and climb up the building in order to rescue your girl and the game console

The adventure takes you through different strange worlds that bring new challenges and traps that you need to avoid. Between the incoming threats, you’ll find strange alien weapons and UFOs that are constantly targeting you.

Collect gold and use it to improve your climbing equipment

The further you climb, the more gold you’ll collect, and the more gold you have the better is the gear that you can buy from the shop. By purchasing better equipment, you’ll be able to increase your climbing speed and reach higher points.

You can prove your climbing skills in four different playing modes that will test your dexterity and reaction time. As follows, the History game mode takes you through worlds with varying difficulty that increases as you reach new points in the story.

The Endless mode puts you against tough conditions and tests your gamins skills as you try to beat 30 different achievements. As in the previous game mode, the Mission mode enables you to win some coins for every successfully completed mission.

Have fun with your friends and see who is the best climber

You even have the option to compete against your friends and engage in one-on-one contests, only who reaches the top first wins the game.

There are also three power-ups that you can use to temporarily increase the climbing speed, become invulnerable and fight back the merciless aliens with their deadly UFOs and weapons.

Freak Climber was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
Freak Climber - Your objective in Freak Climber is to follow the alien and save the person you love the most.Freak Climber - As you climb buildings you have to dodge various objects, avoid getting hit and collect bonuses.Freak Climber - You also have the option to use three different powerups that will help you rescue your girlfriend.Freak ClimberFreak ClimberFreak ClimberFreak Climber

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