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Entertaining and absorbing remake of the traditional Chinese Mahjong game and designed to be easy on the eyes and to keep you playing until the last piece of the puzzle has been removed

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Four Winds Mahjong, as its name implies, is a multiplayer Mahjong game where you are playing against 3 other virtual players in an effort to collect the most points by creating more sets of Mahjong tiles than your opponents.

Drag and drop based mahjong game with adjustable game speed

The Four Winds Mahjong is a drag and drop based game that will allow you to move the tiles with your mouse, instead of having to use hard to remember keyboard shortcuts.

Moreover, in order to make the game even more relaxing, Four Winds Mahjong also comes with adjustable game speed, designed to make it possible for you, if you are a beginner, to have enough time to think every move and its consequences.

What’s more, Four Winds Mahjong features a vast and comprehensive documentation set, describing all the rules and how the game is played in detail so that, when you will start playing, you have all the knowledge you need to defeat any adversary.

Inbuilt game session statistics

Four Winds Mahjong also provides detailed statistics for each game, allowing you to further analyze the accounting part of each gaming sessions and further fine-tune your skills for the next game.

Furthermore, due to its top-down playing area, Four Winds Mahjong does not look intimidating even for first time players and will also make it a lot easier to understand the dynamics of the game.

Entertaining and absorbing mahjong game for the Mac

On the whole, the Four Winds Mahjong game comes with a user friendly interface and thorough documentation that will allow even beginners to enjoy a Mahjong gaming session once in a while.

Four Winds Mahjong was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on October 9th, 2014
Four Winds MahjongFour Winds MahjongFour Winds MahjongFour Winds Mahjong

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