Four Card Keno for Mac

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A customizable, engaging and easy-to-follow keno simulation game for Mac OS X featuring 4 cards and the ability to mark 2 - 10 spots

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Four Card Keno is a keno simulation game for the Mac OS X platform that provides a rich environment for playing the classic keno casino game. The main features are the ability to mark 2 to 10 spots on up to 4 cards and bet a maximum of 10 credits per card.

Keno is a lottery / bingo gambling game in which players guess numbers that are extracted randomly by a computer. Furthermore, the game is played by most casinos in the world and comes in different flavors.

The Four Card Keno game features a compact and well organized user interface. From the main window, you can customize all four cards, work with the “insert coins” table, mark cards, bet on numbers, access the options and more.

Furthermore, Four Card Keno includes a Settings window that allows you to select the number of auto-plays, the number of times to auto-play, the bets per auto-play, toggle the fast mode and edit the number of credits you want to play with.

In addition to this, players can save games and load them at any time, use various keyboard shortcuts to speed up the gameplay, insert some game cheats to beat the computer or use features such as quick pick and spot marking.

A few other details are displayed by the game after you’ve played keno for a while. The details include overall live return percentage and history / status of the draw numbers. Users can also listen to different sounds and view separate side cards.

All things considered, Four Card Keno is not the best keno simulation game for Mac OS X in terms of looks or features, but it is affordable, offers a great amount of details and a good bunch of working functions.

Four Card Keno was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on November 18th, 2013
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