Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader for Mac2.0.0

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A beautiful and captivating turn-based exploration game in which you can explore dangerous seas, compete with rival trades and fight sea monsters

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Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader is a daring turn-based adventure game whose action is based in the 16th century. You play diverse navigators in search for the legendary Kraken creature. Your goal is to explore the seas, trade resources and battle fierce sea monsters.

In the beginning of the game, you can choose two game modes: campaign (expedition) or player versus player (hotseat). Furthermore, there are 3 types of expeditions, each with a different difficulty level: journeyman, adventurer, legendary, or you can play a custom game.

Moreover, Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader provides 3 different maps you can explore: Monster Hunters, Clear Waters and Pickup Frenzy. What’s more, you have plenty of freedom in choosing your character before beginning your adventure.

Some interesting gameplay elements include trading goods, upgrading ships, seeking navigational artifacts and battling sea creatures. A panel on the right of the game HUD displays all your available coins, abilities, the map and the status of your ship.

Once you have made your moves, you must allow your opponent to do so, too. Of course, your goal is to also compete with rival traders and acquire the monopoly of the seas. Throughout your journey, you are given quests, such as finding navigational objects.

One thing is for sure in Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader - the artwork and music are fantastic. Drawings look like they were made by a 16th century artist and the music is suitable to the period. If the gameplay does not captivate your attention, the visuals and audio will.

For the most part, Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader has the right ingredients to keep you hooked to the screen for hours. It features captivating audio-visuals and the gameplay is consistent. Players with a soft spot for turn-based exploration will probably like this game, too.

Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on March 21st, 2015
Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader - From the main menu you can start a new game or configure game options.Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader - screenshot #2Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader - Your objective is to become the greatest trader on the ancient seas by defeating your opponents.Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader - You can buy or sell items in any towns and then go and sell the acquired items to other towns.

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