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Prove your driving skills and try to stay on the road while you outrace your opponent or spin them off course in order to wind the race

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FlatOut 2 is a challenging and entertaining racing game that enables you to engage in street races against fierce racers ready to push you off the road.

Race your way to the finish line and avoid crashing into objects

Your main objective is to stay on track, drive through fences and find shortcuts, trigger traps and make tyre walls explore, barrels and water tanks fly across the road and into other racers.

As you gain more experience and progress in the game, you’ll unlock and gain access to new, more powerful, faster and tougher cars. All cars are grouped into three different classes, derby, street and race.

Change your driving style based on the car you drive and the track you race on

Each car comes with different handling, power, strength and agility, and, as a result, you need to change your driving style according to the race type and the care you are driving. If you fail to adapt to the new driving conditions and crash, there is a great chance that your driver will get catapulted through the windscreen in spectacular effects.

There well over 5000 destructible objects on each track and more than 40 deformable pieces on very car. Hence, you can go for a clean and fast race or push your opponents into billboards, water tanks, walls and other destructible or indestructible objects in order to slow them down.

Try to stay ahead of your rivals and win all races

Throughout the game you will meet numerous AI characters that you need to defeat in order to move on to the next race. You can take them out by slamming them into walls, steal the lead through an alternative hidden route or use the nitro to race past them right before the finish line.

Speaking of nitrous, you can refill your tanks by drifting, slamming your opponents into walls, bridge pillars or by throwing them off the track.

On top of that, FlatOut 2 comes with 12 Rag Doll events and a Rag Doll Championship that will keep you entertained as you try to complete demanding challenges.

FlatOut 2 was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 13th, 2015
FlatOut 2 - screenshot #1FlatOut 2 - Your objective in FlatOut 2 is to outrace the other players and try to be the first across the finish line.FlatOut 2 - screenshot #3FlatOut 2 - screenshot #4FlatOut 2 - You will be able to reset your car's position every time you crash.FlatOut 2 - The Options menu helps you enable or disable various in-game options such as racemap, show bonuses and more.

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