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Absorbing and enthralling racing game based on the Fast Five movie and designed to keep you in your seat while having hours of fun

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Fast Five is a very well known motion picture franchise for all movie fans in the world and the Fast Five the Movie: Official Game is trying to recreate its on-screen world and allow you to have countless hours of fun playing as Brian O'Conner, everyone's favorite character of the series.

Choose your own path through the Fast Five movie

While clearing your way through the challenges and trying to keep your car intact, you will have to also make sure that Luke Hobbs, the federal agent that's out to get from second one, doesn't get his hands on you.

If he ever manages to capture you in-game, he will end the streak of chaotic and spectacular racing events you're a part of in various cities around the world.

Rewind time feature for getting out of though spots

In the Five the Movie: Official Game gaming world, you will be able to make use of the highly improbable yet very efficient Rewind Time feature present in all your cars.

Using this capability, you will be able to avoid obstacles that otherwise couldn't be avoided, to get out of a tight spot and, to put it simply, to get a multitude of second chances while your opponents are captured or, even worse, never make it to the end of the race.

Interactive environment that makes all races interesting

What's more, Five the Movie: Official Game comes with an environment that can be modified as you go. Thus, you can hit the side of a building in order to collapse its wall to create obstacles that your contenders will have to avoid, thus losing precious time.

The fact that the entire game follows the original on-screen movie series is also a thing that will get you coming back for more action, in order to relive the motion picture on your own and to get out of any difficult situation you may encounter using your own plots and racing skills to the maximum.

Action packed car racing themed game for Fast Five fans

Taking all said in consideration, Five the Movie: Official Game is a game that would most likely appeal to all Fast Five franchise fans.

However, if you're not one of them or you've never seen any of the Fast Five movies, you won't have as much fun because the premise of the game and all the missions are based on the motion picture's screenplay.

Fast Five the Movie: Official Game was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on May 29th, 2014
Fast Five the Movie: Official GameFast Five the Movie: Official GameFast Five the Movie: Official GameFast Five the Movie: Official GameFast Five the Movie: Official Game

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