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An entertaining and challenging farming simulator that enables you to run and manage your own farm, grow plants and breed animals

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Farm Up is an addictive and engaging farming simulation game that takes you back to 1930s during the economic crisis that also hit the agricultural state of Cloverfield. You can take on the role of Jennifer, a young and energetic woman, who decided to purchase a little, bankrupt farm.

Restore the farm to its former beauty and glory

Your main objective in Farm Up is to help Jennifer turn the small farm in one of the most profitable businesses in the entire state. Your newly purchased farm is capable to deliver and produce raw materials for nearby districts that need your help to restore their own economies.

It is in Jennifer’s habit to volunteer with charities and help everyone with her advice and business sense. Following her example you need to accomplish your mission and prosper.

Start small and win big

As you start with a small farm, you have to earn silver and gold coins that you can be used to expand and improve your farm. Hence, you have to grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables, breed domestic animals, produce canned products and dairy. What is more, you can try to exploit minerals, produce planks and supply neighboring districts with all sorts of materials.

Intuitive gameplay and immersive graphics

Farm Up comes with point-and-click game controls, in-game tutorial and a wide list of items, seeds, animals and objects that you can purchase. You can move around the map, keep track of your tasks and switch from the farm, sell and built mode with just a few clicks of a mouse button.

Throughout the game you will be constantly rewarded for your hard work with energy points, silver and gold coins, Relatore and Exp points, gifts and achievements. What is more, Farm Up comes with an in-app purchase system the allows you to buy gold coins using real cash. This purchases can help you speed up the rebuilding and expanding process.

Farm Up was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 20th, 2015
Farm Up - Your main objective in Farm Up is to rebuild and repair the newly bought farm.Farm Up - By completing tasks, you can collect stars, gold and silver coins as well as energy.Farm Up - From the shop you can purchase all sorts of seeds, items and upgrades for your farm.Farm Up - screenshot #4Farm Up - screenshot #5Farm Up - screenshot #6Farm Up - screenshot #7Farm Up - screenshot #8

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