Fantastic Checkers for Mac

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Prove your checkers gaming skills and compete against skilled AI players in order to dominate the board and collect all enemy pieces

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Fantastic Checkers is an enjoyable and addictive version of the traditional board game that features beautiful graphics, relaxing background music, sound effects and intuitive game controls.

Your main objective in Fantastic Checkers is to move your pieces in diagonal moves in order to capture your opponents pieces by jumping over them. The winner of the game is the player with the last pieces standing on the board.

From Fantastic Checkers’ main window you can instantly start the game or open the Options window. You can choose between the 1 Player or 2 Players game mode and choose which player has the advantage of the first move.

The games starts on a 8 x 8 board with 12 pieces on each side and all pieces can move and capture only in forward diagonal moves. However, once a piece is “crowned” or “kinged” it may move both backwards and forwards. You can win the game by capturing all your opponents pieces or by leaving your competitor with no legal moves.

The in-game display helps you keep track of your and your opponents score and view who’s turn is it. Thanks to the How to Play menu you can read and learn the rules of the game in just a couple of minutes.

By accessing the Options menu, you can enable or disable the music and sound effects, change the difficulty of your opponent to Beginner, Medium or Expert. Additionally, you can switch between the two game themes and enable the Force Jumps option.

Fantastic Checkers can be played in both windowed and fullscreen mode and features simple point and click game controls. Moreover, Fantastic Checkers offers 12 unlockable Game Center achievements.

To conclude, Fantastic Checkers is a fun and and addictive board game that enables you to play droughts with one of your friends or against skilled AI players.

Fantastic Checkers was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on January 20th, 2014
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