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A challenging and enthralling sniper simulator that enables you to improve your shooting skills by targeting stationary and moving targets

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Expert Rifleman is an absorbing 3D shooting simulator that places you in a lifelike environment where you need to shoot multiple targets placed and different distances.

Consequently, you’ll have to carefully aim by taking into consideration all the forces that affect the trajectory of the bullet.

Prove your aiming and shooting skills by hitting all your targets

Thanks to Expert Rifleman, you can improve your shooting skills without wasting valuable ammo or barrel life. What is more, you can practice in various weather conditions and wind speeds. You can try out zeros at different ranges and define the conditions under which your rifle is zeroed.

Moreover, you can compare calibers based on ballistic performance flight time, drift and drop. It is worth mentioning that the scope reticles are calibrated in Mil-rads or MOA and work just like the real device.

Support for up to 500 cartridges and 100 scopes

Expert Rifleman enables you to choose between three ammo types and allows you to add ballistic data for up to 500 additional cartridges. You can even add up to 100 new scopes via reticle and legend images. To make the experience more realistic, you can enable the rifle recoil and manually input your variables.

The advanced ballistic calculator accounts air resistance, gravity, aerodynamic jump, bore angle, horizontal and vertical coriolis drift, scope height over bore, spin drift, wind drift, density and altitude. Luckily, Expert Rifleman offers visual feedback for wind direction and speed as the trees and surrounding vegetation sway and bend in the direction of the wind. Additionally, the particles and the movement of the vegetation increases together with wind speed.

Customize the scopes according to your preferences and terrain requirements

Between the simulated categories of scopes you can try the front focal plane, dual focal plane, second focal plane and digital scopes. You can add more scope types by manually defining the scope features, while the features on all scope reticles can be calibrated in pixels per Mil or MOA.

Furthermore, Expert Rifleman provides three map types as follows: a flat environment in the Sand Box Map, a varied terrain in the Dynamic Target Map and a mountainous environment in the High Angle Map set.

Expert Rifleman was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on April 22nd, 2014
Expert Rifleman - Your main objective in Expert Rifleman is to shoot your standing and moving targets.Expert Rifleman - While you aim you need to take into account various environmental factors such as wind speed, distance from the target and more.Expert RiflemanExpert Rifleman - The Score board helps you view your performance and the number of grabbed points.Expert RiflemanExpert RiflemanExpert RiflemanExpert Rifleman

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