Euro Truck Simulator for Mac1.4.4

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Intriguing and engaging simulation game where you must drive a truck through multiple environments, in order to deliver the merchandise as fast as you can

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Euro Truck Simulator is a game that provides you with the virtual thrill of driving a truck full of merchandise all over Europe, and it also comes with realistic looking streets and locations to help you experience the life of a truck driver the best way you possibly can.

Upon starting the game you will receive a short but comprehensive tutorial where you can learn how to control your truck and find out how to start earning money in order to upgrade your truck or buy a new one.

After completing the tutorial you are free to choose any of the available jobs, which can take you from the sunny beaches of Spain to the foggy London, or the beautiful city of Rome.

The vehicles in the game are carefully recreated after real ones, used by truck drivers all arounf the world. The control also tries to be as realistic as possible, so you can easily attach a steering wheel to your Mac and start driving, if you want to.

Cargo types come in different categories, and some of them require you to be more careful while driving, when compared to others. Of course, fragile cargo that is delivered successfully to the destination will give you more cash, in opposition to transporting logs, for example.

The game's graphics look quite nice and the graphics engine takes full advantage of the GPU. Moreover, the truck models are beautifully crafted and the surrounding world feels just a vibrant and real.

You must be careful though, as you may encounter many hazards while on the road, such as crashes or explosions. And, of course, you must try and keep an eye on the fuel level, since there are a large number of gas stations scattered all over the county.

Euro Truck Simulator comes with a large virtual map that you can study at any time in order to find shortcuts. Each mission will give you a certain delivery period that you need to obey, and getting the merchandise faster to the destination point will give you a bonus score.

All things considered, Euro Truck Simulator is one of the best vehicle simulation games out there. With state of the art visuals and a large number of missions, it allows you to live the best parts of an European truck driver's life.

Euro Truck Simulator was reviewed by Alexandru Tanase
Last updated on April 2nd, 2015
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