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A challenging and addictive role play action game in which you have to fight against evil in order to protect the Northen Udar from Mawzok'Kahl

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Eternity Warriors 3 is a fast-paced RPG that takes you to the Northern Udar as one of the last great Dragons used the demon magic to release a dreadful evil upon the world by unsealing the Eternity Sword.

At the same time, Mawzok'Kahl, Lord of Hells and self-proclaimed Heir to the World, decides to come after the kingdoms of Udar. Consequently, it is now your quest to become the hero of Northern Udar and fight against various enemies, creatures and huge bosses.

Eternity Warriors 3 comes with three different heroes that you can play with, without changing your account. Hence, you can carry your fights using the rough Warrior, the energetic Monk or the destructive Mage.

On top of that, you can join your forces in large and powerful guilds, chat with your friends in real time and check out their gear. You can even engage in regular tournament events and fight against other players or guilds.

You can explore three different kingdoms of Udar and use your gaming skills and hero stats to defeat hundreds of demons and creatures. What is more, as you discover new locations you can also find and use legendary items that you can fuse with your existing gear in order to improve and upgrade your hero’s stats. Each hero comes with four unique and powerful skills that can help you inflict large amounts of damage using different abilities and skills.

We would have liked the game even more if it provided co-op quests or daily missions. On the negative side, Eternity Warriors 3 does not allow you to customize the game controls or adjust the sound effects or music level.

Howerver, Eternity Warriors 3 features beautiful graphics, immersive sound effects and stunning visual effects. Although Eternity Warriors 3 is free to play, you can always use real money in order to buy extra items via the in-app purchase system.

On the whole, Eternity Warriors 3 is a challenging and absorbing role play game that can offer hours of fun.

Eternity Warriors 3 was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on January 7th, 2014
Eternity Warriors 3 - Your mission in Eternity Warriors 3 is to defend the Northern Udar and fight against the Lord of Hell.Eternity Warriors 3 - In you quests you will encounter numerous creatures and monsters ready to tear your hero apart.Eternity Warriors 3 - screenshot #3Eternity Warriors 3 - screenshot #4Eternity Warriors 3 - From Eternity Warriors 3's in-game menu you can engage in battles, make friends, upgrade your skills and manage your inventory.Eternity Warriors 3 - screenshot #6Eternity Warriors 3 - screenshot #7Eternity Warriors 3 - screenshot #8Eternity Warriors 3 - screenshot #9Eternity Warriors 3 - screenshot #10

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