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A challenging open source game that comes with an addictive game play, realistic physics simulations, and a large collection of interesting puzzles.

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Enigma is a simple yet entertaining puzzle game in which you must collect pairs of Oxyd stones in order to complete the levels. This open source game provides more than 1000 different maps and challenges you to find the best strategy for each level, while putting your dexterity to the test.

Easy to install and setup puzzle game for all ages

The Enigma installation procedure is reduced to a simple drag and drop to the Applications directory. Note that the game is localized to various popular languages, which makes it very easy to use even by non-english speaking users.

Like many other games, Enigma comes with an Options panel where you can easily toggle the fullscreen mode, change the mouse speed, adjust the sound and music volume, the text speed, and so on.

Enigma also integrates multiple level packs and you must select the ones you want to explore: each pack comes with numerous level maps that you get to solve on your own.

Effortlessly control your balls and explore the built in levels

The Enigma gameplay is fairly straightforward: you must control one or multiple balls, collect items, or discover pairs of stones hidden in the walls or in other locations. Since the objects are controlled with your mouse, you do not have to memorize complicated hotkeys.

However, if you encounter any issues, simply adjust the mouse speed via the Options panel, to a level matching your own dexterity. In addition, take into account that the Enigma puzzles can include traps and that some of the puzzles are quite complicated.

Simple yet addictive puzzle game featuring a large collection of interesting puzzles

All in all, Enigma proves to be a very entertaining game: even if the controls and gameplay are quite simple, the plethora of challenging maps will surely keep you amused.

Enigma was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on December 24th, 2014
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