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WoW add-on that provides a nice GUI for distributing loot and GP to the raid






EPGPLootmaster is a free add-on for World of Warcraft that sends a popup and a message to all raid members with the question wether they want the loot or not and sends this response to the master looter.

Just copy the epgp_lootmaster and epgp_lootmaster_ml directories from the zipfile to your addons directory or use the Curse Installer. When you configure your addons in wow you'll get two entries:
· EPGP LootMaster - Core: Everyone in raid needs to enable this.
· EPGP LootMaster - ML: Only Master Looter needs to enable this, most raiders will probably get dependency missing because EPGP isn't installed. This is no problem, just leave it disabled. The Master Looter however does need to install EPGP.

/lm options for some basic options.
· Auto announce threshold: sets what kind of item raid members automatically get to see.
· Auto looter: sets a raid members that will automatically receive BoE and BoU items below the threshold (for disenchantment or bank).
· Listen for incoming monitor updates: Enabling this will make your client listen from updates from the master looter. It will show you the exact same interface as the master looter. This way you could help deciding who gets the loot.


Just install this mod on every raid member. Set someone up a master looter. As soon as the ML tries to loot something, epgp_lootmaster will detect it and will try to handle the distribution for you. epgp_lootmaster will also handle the GP distribution for you and should automatically disable the EPGP GP input popup. You can also manually disable this popup from the EPGP options panel.
Last updated on February 7th, 2013
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