MONOPOLY for Mac1.0.1

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A realistic Monopoly simulator for the Mac OS X platform featuring single player and multi-player modes, some new rules and beautiful graphics

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MONOPOLY is a Mac OS variant of the immensely popular game with the same name. It comes with all the standard rules of the original game, but also adds various tips and tricks and other new features that give more depth to the gameplay.

The game can be played in single-player mode against the computer AI in 4 difficulty levels, or you can challenge 3 of your friends and play in turns. The game interface makes it easy to complete actions in each player’s turn.

Like in the board game, you can  roll the dice, purchase avenues, trade resources, manage your items and request money or resources from other players. In addition to this, the game can be paused at any time, and a log displays the moves of all players.

Furthermore, the hints provide new strategies that could help you win a game. You might be surprised by the usefulness of the tips, even if you are an experienced Monopoly player. Moreover, the new game rules include property grabs and loaded dice that can be used once per game.

As far as the audiovisual factor is concerned, MONOPOLY features slick graphics and a soundtrack to match the playful atmosphere. You also get to see some animations and hear distinct sounds effects when performing an action.

To sum it all up, the game is a faithful resurrection of the popular Monopoly board game. However, it comes with some new rules and content which make it stand out from the rest of Monopoly games out there.

MONOPOLY was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on December 18th, 2013
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