Doomsday Engine for Mac

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A multi-platform and open source game developed as a free Mac OS X source port of the classic Doom, Heretic and Hexen games from the 90s






The Doomsday Engine is a cross-platform, enhanced port of the popular DOOM game, available on platforms such as Mac OS X, Windows, Ubuntu, and Unix.

Although focused on Doom, Doomsday Engine provides complete support for multiple games including classic FPS titles such as Heretic and Doom.

Moreover, Doomsday Engine uses modern techniques and technologies, such as 3D graphics and hardware acceleration, as well as server/client networking capabilities. These together help bring you an up do date, modern experience of the classic games listed above.

The main focus is on graphics, with detail texturing, particle physics, smart texture filtering and world movement smoothing available by default in the games.

Despite that, it also contains unique resources, such as flexible containers, as well as support for external music files and 3D models.

The multiplayer side has also been touched, and clients can easily join the games in progress, and you can even chat with other players during gameplay.

Also, Doomsday Engine contains a modular architecture that successfully separates game logic from the audio network, renderer and other systems.

All in all, Doomsday Engine main goal is to be a game engine that supports all the classic first person shooter games.
Last updated on October 1st, 2015
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