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Travel through time and space and use your shooting skills to destroy all incoming enemy ships in order to stop Ashajul from conquering the universe

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Dimension Drive is a challenging and absorbing vertical space shooter that allows you to explore two different dimensions at the same time.

Teleport from one dimension to another and rescue the universe

The Ashajuls managed to take over the universe using powerful warp drives that allowed them to teleport to different locations with ease.

Dimension Drive’s universe is composed of multiple dimensions and, the Ashajuls are set to conquer them all using a merciless fleet equipped with dimension drives.

Fortunately, the Fliegende, a legendary war ships, is capable to perform dimension jumps instantaneously and counter attack the invaders.

Take on the role of Jackeline Tywood, the captain of Fliegende, and use all available weapons and abilities to stop Ashajuls from conquering the entire universe.

Constantly monitor your energy level and avoid incoming projectiles

Dimension Drive allows you to use your keyboard or gamepad to control the spaceship and teleport from one dimension to another. Each side offers a limited amount of energy that you need to use to destroy all incoming enemies.

What is more, you can recharge the energy from one side by traveling to another dimension and fight the invaders from there. Every time you take down a enemy ship in one dimension, you increase the energy level from the other dimension.

Beat your own high score and battle for the first place on the leaderboard

It is recommended to switch from one side to another on a regular basis and keep an eye on the energy bar on both sides. The in-game HUD helps you track you high score, view the score multiplier and the direction from which enemies will appear.

Beside the intuitive game controls, support for gamepads and immersive sound effects, Dimension Drive also feature beautiful graphics, large explosions and visual effects. You can prove your gaming skills in the Arcade or Modern game mode depending on your preferences.

Dimension Drive was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 5th, 2015
Dimension Drive - Your main objective in Dimension Drive is to destroy all incoming enemies and survive their attack.Dimension Drive - You can jump back and forth between two different dimensions and multiply your score by constantly destroying enemy ships.Dimension Drive - screenshot #3Dimension Drive - screenshot #4Dimension Drive - screenshot #5Dimension Drive - When you run out of lives, you can restart the game and check your high score.Dimension Drive - screenshot #7Dimension Drive - screenshot #8Dimension Drive - screenshot #9

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