Desktop Destroyer for Mac1.0.1

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An addicting Mac OS X game that allows you to destroy your desktop using machine guns, flamethrowers, stamps, chainsaws and more

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Desktop Destroyer is an entertaining and "stress-reducing" game for Mac OS X that enables you to nuke your desktop using various weapons.

Desktop Destroyer is designed to help you blow off some steam after a hard working day or in moments of stress. It is normally considered that expressing violence towards the outside world reduces accumulated stress and frustration.

This is when Desktop Destroyer comes into play, although you won't hurt anything but your desktop (it can be repaired, nevertheless).

Desktop Destroyer provides 6 different weapons that can be selected using the 1 - 6 keys: hammer, chainsaw, machine gun, flamethrower, stamp and termites.

Thus, you can smash your screen with a hammer, rip it apart with a chainsaw, perforate it with an automatic machine gun, burn it with a flamethrower, stamp it or let the termites bring havoc.

You can play Desktop Destroyer even if you're not stressed because who doesn't like nuking things to the ground once in a while?

Desktop Destroyer was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on October 16th, 2013
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