Deer Hunter Reloaded for Mac2.0.0

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An engaging hunting simulation game that will put your hunting skills to a test as you try to shoot various animals from the North American wildlife

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Deer Hunter Reloaded is a straightforward 3D first-person hunting simulator that puts you in the middle of the action right from the start.

Deer Hunter Reloaded is available for free on the App Store and can be installed quickly and easily with just a mouse click. You only have to insert your Apple ID and password to start the installation process and you will lose proximately 460 MB of your Mac's hard disk space.

Although the game is free to play, you can use real money in order to buy more powerful guns and extra items.

As a hunter, you will have to successfully complete a series of challenges with increasing difficulty. Thus, you will have to control the unsteadiness of the hand and predict the natural movement of your character along with the fright response while hunting.

Unfortunately, you will have to get used to the limits on the hunter's freedom of motion and practice for quite some time before learning how and when to move.

For every completed mission you will receive energy, money, experience and even gold. With the collected gold and money you can personalize your hunter, buy various items, clothes, rifles, pistols and more powerful guns.

In addition to the earned money and gold you will receive daily bonuses in cash and gold. For every consecutive day played you will gain double the amount of money received for the previous day. In the fifth day you will receive 10 gold.

The Trophy wall helps you keep track of your game progress and monitor your game performance at the same time.

The number of hunting sessions is limited by your player's energy level. Each missions requires a certain amount of energy that you can regain slowly over time or by using your gold, in-game cash or real money.

Deer Hunter Reloaded comes with immersive 3D graphics, intuitive game controls and sound effects that will enhance your hunting experience.

Deer Hunter Reloaded was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 17th, 2013
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