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An engaging and entertaining tower defense game that will test your strategy and shooting skills as you try to defend your base against waves of Cubemen

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Cubemen is an enjoyable and absorbing 3D strategy game that features elements from real-time strategy games and tower defense games in one pack.

Cubemen can be bought and installed via App Store in exchange for $0.99. The installation process is pretty straightforward, you just have to provide a valid Apple ID along with the password and confirm your purchase.

The story behind the game is based on the classic struggle between good versus bad translated into red versus blue. Your main objective is to deploy various types of little Cubemen in order to protect your base against the incoming waves of enemy little Cubemens.

You can play either against the AI, one of your friends or other Cubemen players. You can also choose between the classic defense game and the Skirmish mode that enables you to prove your Tower Defense skills against a human opponent or AI.

From your base you will be able to deploy different types of little men that come with different skills, weapons and shooting power.

Cubemen enables you to control them and move them to key locations on the map in order to attack the enemy base or defend your own.

The little Cubemens can be easily moved at any time with just a few mouse clicks and you can even change their role from defenders to attackers.

Cubemen comes with over 16000 user-generated levels, 6 defense game modes, a total of 35 defense levels along with 9 mayhem levels and 25 skirmish levels.

In addition, Cubemen features a Cubemen customization menu designed to help you personalize your Cubemens by changing their color or the printed pattern.

You can also track and monitor your game progress for all game types thanks to the built-in stats and scores ladder.

In conclusion, Cubemen is a new kind of tower defense game that will keep you engaged for hours as you try to defend your base or take over your enemy's base.

Cubemen was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 17th, 2013
Cubemen - Your objective is to use your little Cubemen to protect your base from other little Cubemen that are trying to run it over.Cubemen - The game's HUD helps you view and monitor your unit's health and level status.Cubemen - Cubemen offers numerous challenging levels each featuring a different map.

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