Crow for Mac1.1.0

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An engaging story driven action-adventure OS X game that takes you to distant regions where an ancient battle overshadows the lands

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Crow is a captivating and enthralling adventure game that provides and interesting mix between exploration, combat and game mechanics that allow you to discover a large and interesting 3D world.

Absorbing storyline

By playing Crow you can embark on a long and exciting journey to remote lands where an ancient combat is in full swing. Crow offers you the power to make a wide variety of decisions that will have a direct impact on the world.

Throughout the game you can curse your enemies or spare them with the risk of supporting the consequences. You can use the spacebar to cast spells and engage the Bird’s Eye View for a better perspective.

Immersive soundtrack and stunning graphics

Crow comes with intuitive game controls that allow you to maneuver your character as you try to dodge incoming projectiles and enemy hits. The Bird’s Eye View also helps you search for trinkets, levels and story points near different interesting places.

During your battle and exploration sessions you can enjoy high quality graphics and visual effects specially made for the latest Apple laptops. Since the game does not provide a help menu you will have to learn as you go and discover the story in your own way.

Game Center integration

From Crow’s main window you can start a new game, access the Leaderboards and check your Achievements menu before beginning your adventure. Thanks to the in-game display you can keep track of all collected trinkets and monitor your current score.

While battling powerful and merciless bosses you can take advantage of the third person rail shooter gameplay and avoid getting hit as you deliver deadly shots. By finding hidden objects and levels you can upgrade your magic and gain new powers that you can use against your enemies.

Crow was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on February 26th, 2014
Crow - From the main menu you can start a new game or learn how to play.Crow - Your objective in this game is to explore the game world and gather trinkets.Crow - The game also provides a bird's eye view that allows you to see the surrounding area through the eyes of the bird.

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