Crash Drive 2 1.11

An addictive and entertaining free roaming multiplayer sandbox racing game in which you can race against players from all over the world

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What's new in Crash Drive 2 1.11:

  • Fixed Snow 5/8 rings issue
  • Fixed Shady dealer being too shady in Forest
  • Removed Christmas content
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8 Crash Drive 2 Screenshots:
Crash Drive 2 - Your purpose in Crash Drive 2 is to perform various car stunts in order to collect cash.Crash Drive 2 - You can increase your score multiplayer by performing multiple stunts one after another.Crash Drive 2Crash Drive 2Crash Drive 2 - With the collected cash you can purchase new vehicles and level up your car.Crash Drive 2Crash Drive 2Crash Drive 2
Crash Drive 2 is an absorbing multiplayer racing game that will test your driving abilities as you speed across large maps filled with ramps, hoops, rough terrain and numerous players.

Your main objective in Crash Drive 2 is to score as points as you can in order to upgrade your car and purchase various new vehicles such as muscle cars, monster trucks, buses, buggy cars, hot rods, trucks, tanks, race cars and more. With the collected money you can purchase a total of 30 vehicles that you can use to explore the gigantic 3D environments.

You can engage in six different types of events that can cover anything from simple races to coin collecting and tag races. The provided events include King of the Crown, Coin Collect, Tag, Race, Stunt and Find the Ring. All four levels come with numerous secret areas that you can use to level up your car.

The great thing about Crash Drive 2 is that it combines the RPG-like leveling system with the sandbox racing game. Thus, you can upgrade all four stats of your car by simply using them while you race. You can increase your vehicle’s top speed by driving at top speed or your nitro by using nitro for longer period of times. By leveling up your car you will also increase your player level and unlock the access to new cars.

To gain access to the top cars provided by Crash Drive 2, you have to drive every single car in the game and upgrade the vehicle stats by driving it or by purchasing upgrades. You can collect cash by wining various events or by using the in-game purchase system.

Crash Drive 2 features intuitive game controls, impressive maps, a high score and a leaderboard as well as support for Apple's Game Center. The overall gaming experience is entertaining and addictive with immersive sound and visual effects. However, it would have been useful if Crash Drive 2 provide a mini-map in order to view nearby players and our location on the map.

All in all, Crash Drive 2 is an enjoyable and enthralling sandbox racing game that will offer hours of fun as you compete against your friends or random players from different corners of the world.

Crash Drive 2 was reviewed by , last updated on January 7th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later (Intel only)

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