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An entertaining yet simple game that brings you to the kitchen of a prestigious culinary school to learn some of the best recipes.

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Being a good cook means taking your time to develop all the necessary skills but also learning how to deal with both simple and complex recipes.

Cooking Academy is an entertaining game in which you get to enroll into a cooking class and learn to make over 50 recipes, such as ravioli, creme brulee, eggrolls or simple pancakes. Moreover, you get to learn interesting facts about each dish.

While learning to prepare different meals, you get to practice your chopping, flipping, mashing and kneading skills under the scrutinous eyes of skillful master chefs.

The Cooking Academy game is featuring 5 course types: appetizer, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Each category includes different recipes and to pass the class you must get at least “C” on all exams for the included recipes.

Cooking Academy also includes 38 amusing mini-games and offers you the possibility to gain 8 special achievements that have 4 different rankings: you can view your trophies in the Awards panel.

The colorful designs and cheerful audio effect make the overall experience extremely enjoyable. Furthermore, if you do not pass an exam you can easily try again. Note that you receive time bonus points if you finish the task faster.

Cooking Academy is an amusing game in which you get to learn the mechanics of cooking certain recipes, while learning interesting trivia about each dish.

Cooking Academy was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 22nd, 2013
Cooking Academy - In the Cooking Academy main window you must choose the recipe you want to learn how to prepare.Cooking AcademyCooking AcademyCooking AcademyCooking Academy - In the Cooking Academy main window you must perform different tasks related to the recipe.Cooking AcademyCooking AcademyCooking Academy - In the Cooking Academy Options window you can choose to play the game in full screen mode and more.

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