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Find out how it is to drive various constructions vehicles and discover all the steps required to build a parking lot, garage or school

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Construction-Simulator 2012 is an interesting simulation game that enables you experience the life of a construction worker and discover how various buildings are made.

Thanks to Construction-Simulator 2012 you can learn all the steps required for the construction of big and small buildings, parking lots, schools, garages and more. You can also take control of large and small construction vehicles such as mini-diggers, angledozers, telescopic cranes, flat bed trucks and more.

If you always wanted to test drive any of these magnificent machines than, Construction-Simulator 2012 is the game you are looking for. With $21.99 you can purchase, download and install Construction-Simulator 2012 via the Mac App Store.

Construction-Simulator 2012 features realistic 3D graphics, intuitive game controls and numerous construction locations. You can see yourself working from various exterior angles and even from inside the cockpit of your truck, bulldozer or digger.

In order to complete your missions you have to learn how to control all the vehicles from the fleet. Thus, you have to do everything from preparing the base of a garage to casting concrete for a new building. You also have to transport construction materials, load and unload them using a wheel loader.

You can try any of the available vehicles in the gravel pit before starting your mission in order to get accustomed with all the controls. The game’s HUD helps you keep track of multiple gauges and monitor components of the vehicle.

Construction-Simulator 2012 also comes with a wide variety of avatars and immersive cut-scenes that will place you right in the middle of the simulation. You can explore different parts of the city, from industrial sites to ports and residential areas.

In conclusion, Construction-Simulator 2012 is a fun and absorbing game in which you can take part in the construction process of a modern city.

Construction-Simulator 2012 was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on November 1st, 2013
Construction-Simulator 2012

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