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An engaging and challenging turn-based strategy game that enables you to complete against various players for the world domination

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Conquist Tournament is a fun and addictive strategy game in which you have to deploy armies and use different strategies and tactics in order to take over the world or complete a secret missions.

Conquist Tournament comes with two game modes and a world map consisting of 42 territories grouped into 6 continents. Your game objective depends on the game mode you choose to play. You can choose between the World Domination and the Secret Mission game mode.

In Secret Mission, each player is assigned a secret mission and you have to complete yours before your competitors manage to complete theirs. If you want something even more challenging, you can try the Word Domination mode and prove your skills by taking over all territories and by wiping out your enemies.

At the beginning of each game, all territories are automatically distributed among players and each player is provided with the same amount of initial armies that he or she can deploy across the owned territories. Additionally, a random order is established and the turn is given to the initial player.

You have a maximum of 90 seconds to complete all three stages of your turn. In the Deploy stage, you have to use the given reinforcement armies and turn in your territory cards. After deploying all your armies, you can move to the Attack stage.

You can attack any enemy territory that is adjacent to one of your territories and the outcome of your attack will be determined by the rolling dice. If your enemy’s territory loses all its armies you can take over the space with your own army.

The third stage of your turn allows you to move any number of armies from one of your territories to any connected territory. However, you can perform only one fortification move per turn.

The above mentioned rules apply to both game modes and the outcome of the game depends on the used strategy and your luck.

Conquist Tournament was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on February 4th, 2014
Conquist Tournament - Your main objective in Conquist Tournament is to take over the world and conquer all territories.Conquist Tournament - You will be able to attack surrounding territories and use various power cards to balance the odds in your favor.Conquist TournamentConquist TournamentConquist Tournament - The in-game graphics help you view our territory coverage and army status in comparison with other players.Conquist TournamentConquist TournamentConquist TournamentConquist Tournament

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