Clubhouse Mini-Golf for Mac

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A nice game that allows you to have fun playing golf on your own Mac and use your imagination to quickly create miniature courses.






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Clubhouse Mini-Golf is an interesting application that enables you to build and play your own miniature golf courses.

Clubhouse Mini-Golf provides a park-like setting for the whole family to enjoy. Miniature golf games for Mac and PC have been a favorite around the world for many years.

The predominant impression of most people today is that a miniature golf game consists of windmills and obstacles but in reality, miniature golf has evolved, and is now played as a sport on "golf in miniature" facilities. Thus miniature golf now offers the player many of the challenges of real golf - surrounded by a lush, botanical garden setting with sand, vegetation and rock sculpturing.

Golf is a game in which a ball is struck with a club from a prepared area, known as the "teeing ground", across fairway and rough to a second prepared area, which has a hole in it, known as the "putting green". The object of the game is to complete what is known as a hole by playing a ball from the teeing ground into the hole on the putting green in the fewest possible number of strokes. A "round of golf' consists of playing 18 such holes.
Last updated on March 9th, 2014
Clubhouse Mini-GolfClubhouse Mini-Golf - In the Clubhouse Mini-Golf main window you can select the course you want to take.Clubhouse Mini-Golf - In the Clubhouse Mini-Golf initial panel you can also select the number of players for the current game.Clubhouse Mini-Golf - In the Clubhouse Mini-Golf game window you must put the ball in the hole and you can view the current score for all players.Clubhouse Mini-GolfClubhouse Mini-GolfClubhouse Mini-Golf

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