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Have fun on your Mac by exploring a role playing fantasy world in which you manage to get yourself exiled to a chain of islands.

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Clan Lord is a classic styled role playing game for the Mac OS X in which you get to interact with other players, fight monsters, solve all sorts of puzzles and much more. To help you get around, Clan Lord also includes various NPC (non player characters) that will point you in the right direction.

Unsophisticated yet entertaining storyline

The Clan Lord world is dominated by lord Mobius which has decided that you must live your life in exile because of your crimes against the Ascendancy. As a result, you must move to Puddleby, and outpost town located on the Lok’groton island chain and fight monsters, learn magic and survive political games.

Retro and simple design

The Clan Lord user interface is represented by multiple windows that provide different types of information. In the main window you get to view the game map, interact with other characters with point and click actions and view the game log.

The log can also be monitored via the Text window placed on the bottom left corner of your desktop. On the top right corner, you can view the players list, while the window placed in the bottom right conner contains your inventory.

Create a character

To get started, you must navigate to the file menu to access the Character Manager window. Note that you can use demo characters, but if you want to save the personas you are creating, you must register for a Clan Lord account.

The next step is to enter the virtual world, communicate with other players, accept quests and so on. Moreover, you get to equip your character with various items you have collected: your inventory has up to 30 slots and you can quickly switch between them.

Retro multiplayer role playing game

Clan Lord is a classic role playing game in which you get to explore an enormous world, work with other characters to finish quests, have different professions (healer, fighter, or mystic), play with your friends or with other people from all over the world, and much more.

Clan Lord was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 24th, 2015
Clan Lord - The Clan Lord main window where you can interact with different NPCs and customize your own character by moving around the mapClan Lord - screenshot #2Clan Lord - In the Clan Lord game you can type different commands in order to perform specific tasks, such as examining objects, speaking, and moreClan Lord - screenshot #4Clan Lord - From the Clan Lord Options menu you get to toggle the sound effects, to quickly navigate between different game windows, and moreClan Lord - screenshot #6Clan Lord - In the Clan Lord Preferences window you get to select the way in which you want to move your character on the board, to adjust the sound volume, and moreClan Lord - screenshot #8

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