Civilization IV for Mac

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An entertaining strategy game that enables you to create your own civilization, alter its history and make sure it thrives under your leadership.




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Civilization IV is a strategy game that offers you the possibility to create, manage and develop your own civilization. The game is featuring an amazing 3D design, multilayer modes and extensive customization options.

Civilization IV enables you to guide your people, implement new technologies, run diplomatic events or start wars to find new resources. You will be able to follow your civilization’s development from its early stages and make sure it will reach the stars.

The Civilization IV interface is fairly intuitive and you will be able to find your way around quite fast. Even though it is a strategy game, the Civilization IV action is quite fast paced.

Civilization IV comes with a Tech Tree that contains the possible technological progress: you can create various combinations that could change the outcome of your civilization. If you are a good player and plan your moves right, you can even start building empires.

You can choose to play the game in multiplayer mode, making use of your LAN, you internet connection or the Play-by-Email function. Note that both in single and multiplayer modes, team play enables you to set up alliances that lead to new tactical options.

The Civilization IV gameplay makes you deal with notions such as civics or religion, freedom of speech, slavery, education and much more.

Civilization IV is a very entertaining strategy game that offers you the possibility to experience with creating your own society that follows your own set of rules: you must decide how and where are you leading your people.

The Civilization IV game is not supported on volumes formatted as Mac OS Extended (Case Sensitive).

Last updated on October 12th, 2007
Civilization IVCivilization IVCivilization IVCivilization IVCivilization IVCivilization IVCivilization IVCivilization IVCivilization IV

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