Cart Cow for Mac1.0.1

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An entertaining physics game for the Mac OS X in which you must use your knowledge to lead Lazy Linda and her shopping cart through various puzzles.

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Physics puzzle games are both entertaining and challenging, since you must use your problem solving capabilities and all available resources to reach specific goals. Cart Cow is one of those games and successfully combines interesting puzzles with colorful graphics and amusing situations.

The game story is fairly simple: Lazy Linda falls off the farmer’s truck but finds a shopping cart and tries to catch up to the others. However, her journey is full of obstacles and you must draw lines to both guide her in her journey and help her overpass dangerous situations.

Lazy Linda will also meet other angry animals which can stop her unless she cleverly uses their abilities to boots up the ride and shorten the trip. At the same time, you can also help her collect different power ups, both for the cow and the cart.

Cart Cow proposes 60 challenging puzzle levels and you must successfully solve each one to move forward. Of course, you will also win medals if your solutions are extremely efficient.

The game allows you to use your mouse to interact with the puzzles but can also detect your trackpad: you can use your finger to draw on the game board. In addition, Cart Cow comes with an eraser button that offers you the possibility to rearrange the lines if necessary.

Noteworthy is that you should not waste your ink, first of all, because it is limited and ,secondly, because you receive a bonus for the amount of ink left when you finish the level. However, if the situations requires it, build pathways for Lazy Linda since it is the only way to reach the next level.

To conclude, Cart Cow is a nice physics puzzle game that will keep you entertained by making use of colorful designs and challenging yet amusing situations.

Cart Cow was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 8th, 2014
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